Playing games is one of the oldest ways of entertainment and recreation in human beings. As the technology is advancing in the current corporate world, the definitions and formations of games are changing. Today, computer games are quite popular with kids and adults. Game zones are becoming commercial places in big malls, supermarkets, etc. Apart from video games and computer games, there are other new innovative games coming within the market. They are educational and skills oriented games. These games are such a lot in demand that game design as a career option may be a lucrative and challenging idea.

Game designing is an art of applying design and aesthetics to make a game. The games may be for a solo player or to be played within partners or in a group. There are various courses in India available for those that wish to form their career in game design. There are graduation courses like B.Sc. in multimedia and animation, diploma or post-graduation diploma courses like diploma in game design and integration, diploma in digital arts or there are also some simple certification courses conducted by various institutes like certification in game design and technology, video game [design, art, and programming], a certification course in gaming or certification in-game development.some of the famous influential game designers of all time are Frank Kozik, Paul Budnitz, Steven Heller, Bruno Munari, John Romero, and Andy Gavin. Major companies include Mattel, Hasbro, JAKKS Pacific, LEGO, Namco Bandai, etc.

There are some institutes in India that exclusively provides courses on game design apart from general multimedia and animation courses. The institutes are:
1.Industrial design center, IIT Mumbai.
2.DSK international school of design, Pune
3.Srishti school of design, Bangalore
4.Picasso animation college, Delhi

Game designing may be a lucrative field filled with challenges in creativity. This career is in demand in India and abroad. Since more people are playing games on computers and other gadgets like play stations, mobiles, tablets, etc. A game designer generally has functions like designing characters, levels, and puzzles or art, and animations. One may be required to write a code using various computer languages. One may also get into project management and testing jobs like testing the early versions of video games.

There are so many game production companies such as Electronic Arts, Square Enix, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, etc. there are some Indian companies that are already established and doing good business. Companies like Milestone interactive, Zapak, E-Xpress, Redington, Trine, Dhruva interactive, Nazzara technologies, etc have many opportunities for aspirants of game designing. The start-up salary for any fresh graduate or applicant isn’t but 3 lakhs once a year. For professional and highly skilled and creative candidates, its much more. There are various opportunities available aboard with decent remuneration and job satisfaction.

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